Torta decorata natalizia (Christmas cake) by ItalianCakes January. 26, 2016

sugarpaste cake christmas

'Re-launch Week Tutorial No. 3': How make a decorated Christmas tree growing in a frosty wood - JUNIPER CAKERY | Beautiful baking and cake decorating supplies March. 04, 2013

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Mr. Freeze, The Holiday Cake that Came to Life March. 02, 2013

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Poinsettia Cake, A Peek into our Holiday Traditions March. 02, 2013

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Dollhouse Bake Shoppe: Christmas Tree Cupcakes March. 01, 2013

ice-cream-cone tree buttercream piping decoration topper cupcake christmas

Santa Christmas Cake Pops | Step-by-Step Tutorial March. 01, 2013

candy-melts chocolate cake-pop santa christmas

Cake Frills " Making Sugar Holly Leaves February. 26, 2013

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Cake Frills " 6″ Nativity Cake (Shepherd and Sheep) February. 26, 2013

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Cake Frills " Making Sugar Christmas Roses February. 26, 2013

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Cake Frills " Holly Wreath Christmas Cake February. 26, 2013

sugarpaste cake leaf leaves wreath holly marzipan fondant christmas

Cake Decoration - Cupcake Decorations, Cake Craft February. 16, 2013

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Cakes Du Soleil - "Christmas is more than a time of music, merriment and mirth;it is a season of meditation, mangers and miracles." December. 07, 2012

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