Sleeping Beauty

By Suzanne Stiles


fondant 3d birthday

CAKE PANS: Wilton Wonder Mold Cake COLORS: Wilton Pink Wilton Violet Wilton Red (no-taste) OTHER MATERIALS: Wilton flower making kit TRICKS: To get the colour of the dress I mixed a little violet with the pink to tone down the brightness of the pink. INSTRUCTIONS: This was a birthday cake made for a special friend's daughter. What made this cake extra special is that the sleeping beauty doll was the gift!! This was a very easy cake to make thanks to Wilton's doll mold cake pan which came with instructions for 3 different dresses. As always I made my own fondant using my marshmallow and icing sugar recipe. The colors were kind of tricky. I used a basic pink dye but added a little violet to get a deeper pink instead of a bright pink.

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